Priya Loganathar

Position title: Events Chair


When did you become involved in HFES at UW-Madison?

Summer 2020

Why did you  join UW-Madison HFES?

I joined UW-Madison HFES to build connections with people in the field and to explore different uses of Human Factors in research and industry.

What is your favorite part of being a member of UW-Madison HFES?

My favorite part of being an HFES member is being part of a motivated group of people that helps each other in moving forward as an organization.

In what ways have human factors and ergonomics impacted your life?

Human Factors has added another facet to my life through which I see the world: with the human in the center of a system as opposed to thinking only about outcomes.

Other than human factors and ergonomics, what do you aspire to learn more about?

It’s  hard to separate human factors from really anything in life – from looking at user-friendly maps while hiking to performance arts such as dancing. I intend to learn more about understanding the physical ergonomics of human bodies to be a better dancer 🙂

What inspires you to wake up in the morning?

The thought that you’ll never get the day back after it’s gone. I get out of bed wanting to take in as much as I can.