User Interface Engineer at Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

User Interface Engineer at Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

This position is responsible for participating in development activities for future-vehicle HMI systems through the implementation of a rigorous, iterative, human-centered development process comprised of repeated observation, innovation and test cycles.


Support team in concept development from a Human Factors and ergonomics perspective. Interact with internal and external customers, vendors, and external research organizations to identify and refine innovation opportunities related to HMI multi-modal experiences. Participate in customer innovation events to both capture needs identified by customers and to facilitate new opportunity identification by demonstration of innovative concepts. Lead knowledge transfer of research findings to internal teams in laymen’s terms. Collaborate with senior leadership and work directly with technical experts on advanced development initiatives and represent Panasonic in related academic conferences.


Responsible for evaluating merit and applicability of technical reports and prior research. Analyze simulator and naturalistic driving data (visual, manipulative, auditory, physiological, and cognitive data). Design and set up efficient test scenarios using simulator software. R&D to improve HMI product and metrology. Evaluate human performance using a variety of test environments incorporating, human factors, statistics, cognitive psychology. Develop and run tests and protocols for HMI product evaluation in simulators and in vehicle. Determine effective usage of human performance measurements (eye tracking, driving simulators, heart, cognitive, etc.). Development of walkthroughs, prototypes and reconfigurable simulators


Apply the HFES Standards and academic know how to HMI Product Validation. Support early concept development evaluations and simulator to filter out best areas to focus resources. Evaluate and lead early in process system and product designs for HMI advanced development.


Manage and communicate with team and management regarding development activities, project schedule, cost, issues, and risks. Tracks and reports teams’ status on meeting objectives via EARS (Engineering Activity Records Systems).


Active participant in SAE / ISO / HFES societies on HMI related standards/guidelines. Maintain awareness of industry trends and regulatory compliance related to human factors. Performs other related duties as assigned.


PROBLEM-SOLVING/KNOW HOW: (the complexity of problems and education/experience & other knowledge required)

  • Masters in Psychology, Human Factors, Engineering or Physical Science. PhD preferred.
  • Minimum of ten (5) years automotive related experience in Human-Machine Interface product design.
  • Minimum of five (5) years’ leading a team.
  • Subject Matter Expert in human factors, cognitive psychology, statistics tools and methods, user-centered Human Machine Interface evaluation, interaction research, driver distraction research, and attention management research.
  • Experience in developing project plans and plans.
  • Experience in the usability testing and usability engineering, with an emphasis on the automotive industry.
  • Demonstrated mastery of statistical tools and methods.
  • Experience in leading human factors testing of mocked-up versions HMI system level prototypes in simulated and real driving conditions.
  • Experience in the design and development utilizing rich web-based user interfaces.
  • Demonstrated domain knowledge in automotive HMI subsystems.
  • Understanding of HMI, HFES standards and government guidelines.
  • Strong technical knowledge of either software or hardware design.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook as appropriate to the position.

Competencies – Level Specific

Leader of Others: Individual achieves results through others by leading projects and/or teams taking into consideration budget, workforce and delegation of tasks and responsibilities; builds effective professional relationships throughout the organization and in the market space.

  • Functional/Technical Knowledge: Understands and appropriately applies functional/technical knowledge. Demonstrates active interest and ability to develop and apply new functional/technical knowledge.
  • Coaching: Provides timely guidance and feedback to help others develop and strengthen specific knowledge/skill areas needed to accomplish a task or solve a problem.
  • Delegation: Allocating decision-making authority and/or task responsibility to others in order to maximize the organization’s and individuals’ effectiveness.
  • Driving Results: Setting stretch goals for personal and team accomplishments; using clear metrics to monitor progress; tenaciously working to meet or exceed expectations while deriving satisfaction from achievements and continuous improvement.
  • Influence: Uses appropriate interpersonal styles and techniques to gain acceptance/support of ideas or plans; modifies one’s own behavior to accommodate tasks, situations, and individuals involved.

Competencies – Core

  • Change: Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes; adjusting effectively to change by exploring the benefits, trying new approaches, and collaborating with others to make the change successful.
  • Collaboration: Developing and leveraging relationships within and across work groups (internal teams; customers; vendors etc.) to effectively accomplish organizational goals; gaining consensus/support by taking actions that reflect the needs and contributions of others.
  • Communication: Clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
  • Customer Focus: Ensuring that the (internal or external) customer’s perspective is a driving force behind priorities, decisions, processes, and activities; promoting and living customer service as a value.
  • Judgement: Securing and comparing information from multiple sources to identify business issues; committing to an action after weighing alternative solutions against important decision criteria.


Ability to travel as required of the position, including domestic and international travel 5% – 10% of the year.

Quality Procedures

  • Review procedures, materials, or processes to assure compliance to all specifications and standards.
  • Comply with and enforce all procedures and work instructions.
  • Respond to quality and work issues and take corrective action as appropriate.
  • Has the organizational authority to identify and segregate, as necessary, suspect or non-conforming material (for example components, saleable product, specifications, controlled documents, etc.) and to notify the appropriate authority (manager, etc.) for instructions.

Safety and EPA Compliance

  • Maintains tools, equipment, and work areas in a neat and orderly manner and observes all work related safety practices and procedures.
  • Will comply with all applicable Company safety policies, rules, and regulations.
  • Must comply with all Federal, State, and local environmental laws and regulations and relevant company procedures and instructions related to the environmental management system and contribute to the achievement of the relevant environmental objectives and targets established by the Company.
  • In addition, provides the leadership and resources for such activities as applicable.

Physical Demands

  • Required to sit, stand, or walk for prolonged periods of time.
  • Use hands and fingers to handle or feel objects or use controls, tools, or equipment.
  • May require the ability to use a keyboard and other office equipment.
  • May require specific vision abilities that include close vision.
  • May be required to perform concentrated work for extended periods of time.
  • May be required to lift, carry, or exert items or objects of reasonable weight.
  • May be required to perform duties beyond standard business hours.

Must have the ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

This above description covers the most significant key result areas, but does not exclude the assignment of other occasional responsibilities and accountabilities.

Reports To Group Manager or above Exempt/Non-Exempt Exempt

Contact: Manager–Don Turner (

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